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Integrates MyAnimeList/AniList/Kitsu/Simkl into various sites, with auto episode tracking.

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Rezension: Gut - Skript Funktioniert

Veröffentlicht: 24.11.2019

question about MAL tags

hi, great script, I'm kind of a novice user of tracking sites... so, what is the code that appears in the 'tags' field? like the tags look empty in my personal MAL listings, but if I click on the tags for example 'Re:Creators' it shows: ,malSync::aHR0cHM6Ly9raXNzYW5pbWUucnUvQW5pbWUvUmUtQ3JlYXRvcnM=:: are manual tags supposed to be added to the end of that string?

Veröffentlicht: 10.12.2019

Sorry for the late response. MAL tags are in the format tag1,tag2,tag3, So you could just add a , in the end and add your tags there, in front of it works too.

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