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Integrates MyAnimeList/AniList/Kitsu/Simkl into various sites, with auto episode tracking.

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Veröffentlicht: 25.06.2019

Side question

Is there any script that auto-updates my AniList list when I update something in my MAL ?

Atm I'm exporting my MAL lists every year or so and importing to various list sites.

But Just wondering if there is a way to automate AniList list updating that pulls date from my MAL updates. ?

RANT: Eventually I will most likely migrate fully to AniList, unless MAL get's their shit together and surprises us with some sort of grand update... including API return..if not. Then I rather move fully to AniList as it's in active development, is already damn good and actually gets updates.

Although.. before I fully migrate I want to make pseudo website that functions as jack-of-all trades for my reviews/explanations and stuff..

Veröffentlicht: 25.06.2019

Just with the last update the alpha version of list Mirroring got added. It is not yet automated, but you only need two clicks to get anilist and kitsu up to date with Mal, better than copy and pasting export files all the time. Keep in mind that it currently only one way. So changes should always be done on your main list as the other lists get overwritten. More info here:

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