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Zepto.js + selector

Zepto.js 增加了 selector 模块

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Zepto 库,新增了 selector 模块。

module default description
zepto Core module; contains most methods
event Event handling via on() & off()
ajax XMLHttpRequest and JSONP functionality
form Serialize & submit web forms
ie Support for Internet Explorer 10+ on the desktop and Windows Phone 8
detect Provides $.os and $.browser information
fx The animate() method
fx_methods Animated show, hide, toggle, and fade*() methods.
assets Experimental support for cleaning up iOS memory after removing image elements from the DOM.
data A full-blown data() method, capable of storing arbitrary objects in memory.
deferred Provides $.Deferred promises API. Depends on the "callbacks" module.
callbacks Provides $.Callbacks for use in "deferred" module.
selector Experimental jQuery CSS extensions support for functionality such as $('div:first') and':visible').
touch Fires tap– and swipe–related events on touch devices. This works with both `touch` (iOS, Android) and `pointer` events (Windows Phone).
gesture Fires pinch gesture events on touch devices
stack Provides andSelf & end() chaining methods
ios3 String.prototype.trim and Array.prototype.reduce methods (if they are missing) for compatibility with iOS 3.x.


  1. 修正 Tampermonkey 下 TypeError: (intermediate value)(...) is not a function 的错误,就是最后加上 ;