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Reddit redirect external links to comments page

Replace all external post links with the comment link. Every external Link will redirect to the comments page instead of the external url (currently works on home, subreddits and user profiles with the standard reddit theme). Also adds an "(Open external Link)" link after the post title, if you still want to visit the external url.

Das sind Skriptversionen, bei denen der Quelltext aktualisiert wurde. Alle Versionen anzeigen.

  • v1.3 31.01.2018 Fixed the problem that blocked a user from replying while this userscript was active (reddit was unhappy with the jQuery version I added as @required to the userscript, the script now uses the jquery that's provided by reddit). Thanks @opsomh for pointing it out.
  • v1.2 02.01.2018 Repaired the non working version (1.1). Thanks @Harman AW for figuring it out... I removed a bit too much code with v1.1. Now it's working again.
  • v1.1 03.12.2017 Removed unneccessary jquery loading functions
  • v1.0 11.08.2017
  • v1.0 11.08.2017 Removed unnecessary function to parse url parameters
  • v0.8 10.08.2017 Added an info to the description
  • v0.7 10.08.2017 Sorry meant to fix the regex expressions... NOW they are fixed.
  • v0.6 10.08.2017 Fixed regex expressions, removed unnecessary userscript "@match" arguments and disabled script on comments page. The post link on the comment page / single post page will now also link to the external page. The "Open external link" will now only be visible on the post list.
  • v0.5 04.08.2017 Changed the order in the if constraint. Now the script is working as expected on user profiles.
  • v0.4 03.08.2017
  • v0.3 03.08.2017
  • v0.3 03.08.2017 Changed the external link title from "External Link" to "Open external Link" and slightly modified the inline descriptions to be more understandable.
  • v0.2 31.07.2017
  • v0.1 31.07.2017