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Junkies Enhancer

Fork of the original Junkies enhancer by PandaScripting - This script changes the layout of and for a better overview of series, seasons and episodes. It can also decrypt links now (Firefox only), keeps your series up to date and works with Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Das sind Skriptversionen, bei denen der Quelltext aktualisiert wurde. Alle Versionen anzeigen.

  • v2017.09.26.1 - always display iframes
  • v2017.03.13.1 - Imported from URL
  • v2016.09.18.1 - Synced from GitHub - Fixed title when adding to the subscription Added new icon for hoster
  • v2016.09.18.1 - Imported from URL
  • v2016.06.20.1 - Synced from GitHub - css fix for captcha iframe which appears after a specific number of normal captchas
  • v2016.06.19.1 - Synced from GitHub - fixed styling for dokujunkies
  • v2016.05.29.1 - Synced from GitHub - fixed sorting of the tracked series if there are updates for a show
  • v2016.05.28.1 - Synced from GitHub - fixed the css of the tracked seried overview columns - there was a floating issue if a show had multiple updates
  • v2016.05.25.2 - Synced from GitHub - fixed little styling issue with the entrySection changed the css of the tracked seried overview columns - needed for the sorted list feature the tracked series overview is now sorted by the title
  • v2016.05.25.1 - Synced from GitHub - Fixed frontpage columns because of DOM changes Changed Entry object to work with the DOM-Node instead of the innerHTML so that we can check for the css class
  • v2016.05.24.3 - Synced from GitHub - fixed frontpage parsing regex because there are now also multiple font tags or not in the headlines
  • v2016.05.24.2 - Synced from GitHub - fixed prefix of var
  • v2016.05.24.1 - Synced from GitHub - fixed css problem on firefox - sidebar
  • v2016.05.22.2 - Synced from GitHub - removed updateURL/downloadURL because GreasyFork ignores them added new settings option to show 2 or 3 columns inside the tracked series overview - default 2
  • v2016.05.22.1 - Imported from URL
  • v2016.05.20.2010 - Synced from GitHub - adding timestamp HHMM to version info
  • v2016.05.20 - Synced from GitHub - removed settings option to disable/enable the forum notice banner because it has been removed from the frontpage
  • v2016.05.20 - Synced from GitHub - merging changes provided by hightower5 cleaned hoster blacklist - not needed anymore. To see the result open the settings and clear the hoster list. cleaned and updated favicon url list fixed css of the coverEdit button in the tracked series overview
  • v2016.05.20 - Imported from URL
  • v2016.05.19 - Imported from URL