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Localized (translated) @name and @description

Veröffentlicht: 27.09.2014

Localized (translated) @name and @description

Greasemonkey 2.2 added support for localized @name and @description, for example @name:fr and @description:fr for French. Authors can provide these items in multiple languages in the same script, and Greasemonkey will choose the most appropriate language to display to the user.

Now, Greasy Fork also supports localized @name, @description, and additional info. If a user is browsing Greasy Fork in a language the script supports, the script will show up to the user in that language.

Some notes for authors:

  • You must still provide @name and @description in non-localized form. Greasy Fork will assume these are in the language specified by the Locale box on the create/update screen.
  • You must provide both @name and @description, and they must be different from each other (this is the same rules for the non-localized name and description.
  • Additional info is still optional. Only additional infos that have the same locale as a localized @name and @description will be used. Only one additional info per locale is allowed (and remember, the first additional info will be assumed to be the locale set in the Locale box)
  • You may see your own scripts on their own pages in the script's default language, regardless of what locale they're browsing in.
  • Greasy Fork will only use locales it knows about. In particular, zh and de-DE will not work, as Greasy Fork only knows about zh-CN, zh-TW, and de. This is filed here.

Some notes for everybody:

  • Search will search for text in all locales.
  • If you have a script set that does something based on languages, it will match all languages of each script. For example, if you exclude Japanese scripts, you will exclude scripts that offer both Japanese and English.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, let us know!

Veröffentlicht: 05.10.2014

It seems that localized description not works on main page.

Veröffentlicht: 05.10.2014

Fixed, thanks for reporting.

Veröffentlicht: 06.10.2014

btw, What about description meta in html head?

Veröffentlicht: 07.10.2014

Good eye! Also fixed.

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