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Adds a favicon for the website next to every external link on the page. Clearly shows when you will be leaving the current site, and where you will be going! (Unfortunately making links longer than expected can result in unwanted overflow on various websites. For example, Google header bar!)

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Posted: 17. 05. 2015
Edited: 17. 05. 2015

FaviconizeTheWeb (too in OpenUserJS) : Maybe try an alternate sevice to find Favicon ?

That's the following of my request in FaviconizeTheWeb Request

I use your original code now (work perfectly).
But i try to find others services:

// - ( It provide favicon silently, BUT seems use https only for Its paid services).
//img.src = '' + protocol + "://" + host;
// (JAPANESE site) - Work BUT not provide all Faviicons (no greasyFork.ico by example) .
//img.src = '' + protocol + "://" + host;
// - Work BUT FavIcons are strange.
//img.src = '' + protocol + "://" + host;

What's the best solution ??

Ps, some ideas here:
Favicons Next To External Links [Css-Tricks]

Posted: 15. 06. 2015
Edited: 15. 06. 2015

Nice research, thanks!

But if the original works perfectly, then why do you want to use a different favicon provider?

Are you trying to escape the Google monopoly? :)

[Edit: Oops, I forgot we aren't using Google since your last contribution on!]

Posted: 15. 06. 2015


Posted: 15. 06. 2015

Sorry, I read your post on OpenUserJS now. So the problem is speed? There are a few things that could improve the speed:

  • Tweak the throttling settings at the top of the script: reduce initialDelay and delayIncrement, increase batchSize.
  • Don't ask the website for its ICO, PNG, GIF, and JPG favicons first, just ask the service immediately. (Set alwaysUseGoogle=true at the top of the script. That variable could be renamed, since it uses at the moment, not Google!)
  • Consider using my FaviconizeGoogle script instead. That doesn't have any throttling, and doesn't use a service! (But it only works on sites that have a favicon.ico file.)

If you find a service that is always better than then I'm happy to switch (again). :)

(We could refactor the script a little and put services at the top, to make it easier for users to reconfigure.)

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