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Amazon GET Requests Injector

It injects custom GET requests into amazon

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Review: Bad - script does not work

Posted: 13. 08. 2021
Edited: 13. 08. 2021

Hmm, couldn't get it to load on I'm thinking there may be something wrong with the @match or something, since it doesn't show up as an available script for the page in Violentmonkey when visiting

Edit: Duh, I have it auto-redirect to, so I'll have to add it as a matching site.

Posted: 13. 08. 2021

Hmm, could not ever get the UI selector element to appear.

FWIW, I first needed to change the @match to use a wildcard for subdomains, like https://** This allows it to work with customers who use as well. (I'm not sure if Smile is available for other countries/domains, but I like using a wildcard to include subdomains as a general rule, unless there's a specific reason not to for a site.)

Anyway, once I did that, the script loaded on the site, but then nothing appeared. Thanks in advance if you can get it working!

Posted: 31. 08. 2021

try removing the "// @grant none" line.
it should work after that.
@sh3ll it's like the other script that needed fixing.


Posted: 09. 11. 2021

I fixed the other script. This one is working if I open in latest firefox esr. Anyway I removed the @grant option in this script too, because it was unused. Tell me if there are problems.

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