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Amazon Global Price Comparator

It shows prices across amazon portals (IT,DE,FR,ES,UK,US,CA,AU)

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 29. 08. 2021
Edited: 29. 08. 2021

this is possibly a great script, but doesn't work because you have a bad "grant":

// @match*

// @grant none <--- this should be removed

// @version 1.5.1

// @author SH3LL

// @grant GM_xmlhttpRequest <--- if the "none" is not removed, this is ignored

// @namespace

Posted: 29. 08. 2021
Edited: 29. 08. 2021

Thanks, I removed the double grant. Anyway the script was working for me (firefox esr 78.13.0 debian - Violentmonkey), maybe the problem for you is another, try to investigate, I'll be ready to fix.

Posted: 31. 08. 2021

I tried it on Chrome + Tampermonkey, so it must be because of how Tampermonkey vs Violentmonkey deals with it.
now it's working - thanks for fixing! :D

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