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Amazon Fake Review Analyzer (ReviewMeta)

It returns percentage of potentially fake reviews on amazon and it recalculates the "true" star score excluding "fake" reviews

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 29. 08. 2021

this is not working..

Posted: 29. 08. 2021

yes, it's working for me, if you don't post details I can't fix.

Posted: 31. 08. 2021

sorry, I must have had some unknown errors.
it's working now, please disregard my previous comment.
however, some "referred" items do not work.
for example, the link
says the product is not found in ReviewMeta database, but when adding it, it also appends the referred part, and the link points to "" with error "An Error Was Encountered The URI you submitted has disallowed characters."

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