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Fantia downloader

Download your Fantia rewards more easily!

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30. 01. 2023
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在 Fantia 的圖片框上增加下載按鈕,點擊後自動打包成 ZIP 並下載儲存。

This script will add a download button to the Fantia Image Box for downloading whole image in a ZIP file.


  • 可以取得瀏覽器擴充版本(You can get extension version for Firefox and Chrome):

    1. Firefox:Fantia downloader Firefox (ver3.1.4)
    2. Chrome: Fantia downloader Chrome (ver3.1.4)
  • Use userscript version can get the fastest update and debug!

  • Chrome and Firefox version is 3.1.4 now, Please update to latest version, if you are using 2.5.0 or 2.5.3.

NEW Version v3.1

  • 支援 文章標題圖片、blog 圖片下載 / Support download image from post and blog area.
  • 支援 中文、English、日本語 / Support English, 日本語 and 中文.
  • 支援 BackNumber分頁下載 / Support download in BackNumber pages
  • 支援 自訂下載名稱 / Support set the format of download file Name by yourself.
  • 支援 儲存設定 / Support save setting with Cookie
  • 支援 模糊主題 / Support Blur style for setting center.
  • 支援 單張圖片的post下載 / Support single image post download.
  • 支援 ZIP下載與不壓縮下載 / Support single zip download and unZip download.

請搭配 Tampermonkey 服用:

Please use this script with Tampermonkey.

可以從 greasyfork 取得腳本:

You can install this script from greasyfork (Fantia downloader).

可以在 GitHub 上看到維護的 code:

Check source code on GitHub (Fantia-Downloader-tampermonkey).

注意! watch out!

如果使用其他瀏覽器時遇到錯誤,請嘗試使用 Firefox 來安裝此腳本。
If you met some ERROR or Bug, Please run this script on Firefox.


支援 Google Chrome

開放其他瀏覽器使用! Chrome 也可以用囉!
支援3種語言的設定中心! English、中文、日本語
自定義下載名稱! 可使用Cookie紀錄設定!
Now, You can use this script on Firefox, Chrome and Edge.
New Setting Center support in three languages! English、中文、日本語
Rename the download file! Can save setting with Cookie!

  1. 點擊右下角的設定紐進入設定!預設不使用 Cookie!
    Click < Setting Center > which locate at right bottom of window! Don't apply Cookie is Default setting!

  2. 點擊 < 作者特訂 > 可以針對創作者設定檔案名稱!請開啟 Cookie 紀錄本設定!
    Click < Author Save > to set file name for specific creator! Please apply Cookie Save!

About Setting Center Style

如果想使用 "毛玻璃主題" 請在 Firefox 的 "about:config" 中開啟 "layout.css.backdrop-filter.enabled"!
Please open the "layout.css.backdrop-filter.enabled" in Firefox "about:config" to get the Blur style!

If met some ERROR, Please try to run this script on Firefox.

  1. 點擊圖片區域上方的 < 全圖片下載 > 會開始打包該區域內的圖片。
    Click < Download Picture > at the top of the picture area to packaging the pictures.

  2. 擷取圖片連結並下載中。
    Retrieving the image link and downloading.

  3. 將圖片打包成 ZIP 檔案中。
    Pack the picture into a ZIP file.

  4. 下載完成。
    Download completed.