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Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer) v.45

For a Wide Screen and the YouTube New Design

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24. 08. 2020
24. 02. 2023
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for a Wide Screen and the YouTube New Design:

Player stay fixed at the Left side.

  • Title on top video
  • Videos Related and in Queue / Playlist on the Right side
  • Infos, Comment, Live Chat" Tabs on the Right side (visible on hover their respective tabs) so, you can watch the video and read infos / comments (by hovering their tabs) without problem.
  • Progress Bar is always visible
  • Support for no Dark mode.
  • Counter for comments really loaded And Number of videos in Queue /Playlist
  • Support for more Youtube pages (channels, playlist, etc..., Youtube Music )

  • Find it too on [USw]: Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer) []

Note : ►► Addons / userscripts support (They are recommended too):

"Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer)" support these Addons / userscripts:

NEW in TEST: - GM "YouTube More Speeds" by ssssssander (2022)

- ADDON "PotPlayer YouTube Shortcut, Open Links" by HelgeApps (2022): "Quickly play or add a Youtube video (playlist), video links to Potplayer"

PotPlayer infos: A look at PotPlayer in 2020 Updated • Jan 12, 2021 []

Install Official: Global Potplayer []

- ADDON "Clickbait Remover for Youtube" by Pieter van Heijningen (2022):

"Replaces thumbnails with a frame from the video, effectively removing any clickbait while still showing a high quality thumbnail so you can still get a good idea of what the video is about."

In the same idea:

- GM "YouTube Clickbait-Buster" by hjk789 (2022)

Principal Addons and Userscripts in use:

► Youtube Player:

► Progress Bar: I use this one:

► Youtube Auto:

► Youtube Translate / Subtitle :

IN test (Request for PB with Greasemonkey 3.17 - OK Tampermonkey):

► Youtube Activity:

► Youtube Download:

  • youtube links by nhyone [2021]: Download Youtube videos. Video formats are listed at the top of the watch page. Video links are tagged so that they can be downloaded.

► Youtube Music:

► Youtube: Age Verification Bypass:

► "Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer)" Seems working too with:

►► Change in > v.42:

gifs screenshots

gif screenshot (general):

►► Notes:

►► You can find this userstyle, in 4 places:

1 - Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer) []

2 - On Uso Archive (better because more fast and less buggy): youtube widescreen (new design polymer) [USo]

3 - On a new place which work very well (in beta): Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer) [USw]

4 - And on GreasyFork, as userscript: Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer)