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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 16. 08. 2020
Edited: 16. 08. 2020
So, if you are hesitant to install this script, there is a way to stop it, you can disable the script, disable the extension(not recommended) or if you use firefox, you can do my favorite way, have all the payloads kick in and firefox blocks it because it makes the site unresponsive, this was a project i was very passionate about, as web browsing wasn't just the plain old, you visit a site, you get the content right away, as a user of linux, in which firefox is the default browser, i would wait for firefox to say "it's slowing this thing down, you should stop it" instead of getting the content right away amused me and made browsing the web much more interesting, of course if you don't use firefox, i don't recommend the script, but if you do, it adds a lot more enjoyability to the script, fun fact, this script initially spread via social engineering on this site, it tricked the user into thinking it was an adblock, i just wanted to see how many installs it would get in a day

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