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Youtube Music Lyrics

Adds lyrics to Youtube Music

Seznam verzí skriptu, při kterých došlo ke změnám v kódu. Zobrazit všechny verze.

  • v0.3.01 01. 05. 2021

    Fixed bug where lyrics from previous song added to current.

  • v0.3.00 24. 04. 2021

    Added artist and title before lyrics.
    Rewrote the majority of script.

  • v0.2.03 26. 11. 2020 Added Clear Cache in options. 3rd api is dead, 1st one returns sometimes empty string ... sigh, if you know free apis let me know. Sometime in the future i'll add genius.
  • v0.2.02 03. 08. 2020 Fixed second api with stuff like " ".
  • v0.2.01 18. 07. 2020 Fixed bug with last api(currently down)
  • v0.2.00 02. 06. 2020 Added one more api Added ability edit lyrics. Added options: debug, context menu(RightClickMouse on anything at page, you can change to return that context menu), priority(you can change priority of using apis, for example if you listen a lot of electronic music I suggest putting api- at the top, right under "Local cache"), Later will change description with screenshots. Have fun listening music with lyrics! :)
  • v0.1.01 29. 05. 2020 Changed font to match website fonts.
  • v0.1.00 28. 05. 2020