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Blabbermouth - generate timestamps and add link to the fb comments area

Generates missing timestamps or converts the existing ones in relative format, and adds link to the fb comments area

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27. 02. 2020
24. 01. 2021
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This script applies to

Blabbermouth only displays timestamps (just the date) in news listings and pages.
It doesn't display timestamps in cd/dvd reviews pages at all.
The script generates timestamps in relative format, in all cases.

In details:

  • in news and cd/dvd reviews pages:

    • It generates timestamps (making use of the existing published_time data from inside the pages, e.g. 2020-02-20T19:10:22.000Z) in relative format. Also, it recalculates them every 1 minute.
      (the initial retrieved timestamps -converted to local timezone's offset- are tooltips: just hover mouse on a relative date to view)
    • It also creates an (additional) link to the Facebook comments next to the generated timestamp,
      with the comment count from that fb iframe 1 (i.e. 6 Comments, not just "Comments" ).
  • in news listings:

    • As you scroll down each page, it retrieves the relevant target news page in the background in order to get the relevant published_time data from the page, and then generates timestamps in relative format (like above).
      Note: recently (Nov 2020) blabbermouth started offering infinite scrolling in its home page and in news. Since v1.2 now the script also works in paginated news pages.


1 Compatibility notes regarding that feature:

  • Violentmonkey: the script works in ok with VM in its default settings.
  • Tampermonkey: in order to work with TM, you have to remove the *://* pattern from TM blacklist (it's blacklisted in TM settings by default).
  • Greasemonkey: not supported.

Credits to Brock Adams for his answer to the StackOverflow question: How can two instances of a userscript communicate between frames?

The script uses moment.js.

Hosted at GitHub