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Review: Bad - script does not work

Posted: 01. 12. 2022

Garbage. Installed but it's automatically disabled in latest version of Chrome.

Posted: 01. 12. 2022

You should use ViolentMonkey instead of Tampermonkey.

Posted: 09. 12. 2022

Patience and understanding people are somethings hard to find in these 'fast days'.
However come on I find ya reaction/judgement a little inappropriate.

Tampermonkey set 'Local YouTube Downloader' on it's blacklist because there was same annoying error message popping up.
This bug seems to be fix but its still on Tampermonkey 'negative List'.

Until the good news, that everything working fine also made it to the Tampermonkeys developer.... my workaround - Tampermonkey Config:
1. General Config-Mode: 'Beginner' -> 'Advanced' (or 'Expert')
2. BlackCheck servility: '4' -> '10' (Unsafe)

I prefer the 'servility' setting over 'disabling it completely' so you still may get the notice about something 'bad' but it's not blocking it.

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