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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 30. 11. 2022

I use chrome with 2 different profiles. As of posting this, it works just fine with one profile, but with the other, Tampermonkey has blacklisted this script. I use the same settings on both instances of Tampermonkey so it's very weird. It says, "Shows a disturbing alert message at every page with a youtube frame or iframe." which could refer to the popup that used to show up earlier (for me at least) informing users of the Tampaermonkey beta. I switched to manual blacklisting in Tampermonkey settings for it to work again, but wouldn't advise other users to do that.

I hope the author can resolve this with the author of Tampermonkey.

Posted: 30. 11. 2022

I only test on ViolentMonkey for now so it is strongly recommended to switch to it.

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