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Posted: 08. 10. 2022

Seem to not be working at Tampermonkey 4.18, going to fix this, pal? (Was using older versions, and everything was fine)

Posted: 10. 10. 2022

There are several scripts that don't work with Tampermonkey 4.18, not just this one. So in my opionion the problem is on Tampermonkey's side and it's for Tampermonkey to fix it. I already wrote the author of Tampermonkey about this. Unfortunately he didn't answer for four days now. I bet more users telling him about it at kontakt≺at≻ will help.

Posted: 10. 10. 2022

The author of Tampermonkey answered thinking the problem might be related to

Unfortunately I have no experience in coding/scripting so the experts, the author of Tampermonkey and/or the author of Local YouTube Downloader, will have to figure it out.

Posted: 16. 10. 2022

It is recommended to use ViolentMonkey instead.

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