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TSLibrary - Generic

A resource JS library file providing common useful functions to be used by other scripts

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25. 05. 2016
30. 04. 2019
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Sample useful functionality that are used in some of my scripts. Some of the functions listed below. Look inside script for details.

TSL object is a copy of TimidScriptLibrary TSL = TimidScriptLibrary

NOTE: If doc parameter is undefined it uses the current document.

Document Functions

Add CSS styles/JS Script to document header. Document can be left empty. TSL.addStyle(id, CSS, doc) TSL.addScript(id, text, doc)

Returns the thickness of the scrollbar TSL.getScrollBarThickness()

Node Functions

Node className functions. All three functions can handle multiple class names separated by spaces TSL.addClass(node, name) TSL.removeClass(node, name) TSL.hasClass(node, name)

Remove node from document. Accepts id or node object TSL.removeNode(node, doc)

Creates document element. Default doc value is the document. TSL.createElement(tag, attributes, doc)

Creates document element using html code. Default doc value is the document. TSL.createElementHTML(html, doc)

Checks if mouse event is within an elements client area TSL.isMouseEventInClientArea(event, element)

Gets the position of the element within the document TSL.getAbsolutePosition(element)

String & Regex Functions

String padding (prototype) String.lpad(chr, Total_length) String.rpad(chr, Total_length)

Replace NTFS illegal characters alternatives TSL.replaceNTFSIllegals(str) TSL.ALTNTFSChars = [[">", ">"],["<", "<"],[":", ":"],['"', """],["/", "/"],["\\", "\"],["?", "?"],["*", "*"]];

Escape regexp string TSL.escapeRegExp(str)