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How to make a script ???

Posted: 12. 11. 2020
i can't trust these scripts they might have a virus so is there a way to copy someones script and use it knowing there are no viruses? and if there is can you show me how?
Posted: 13. 11. 2020
You question has basically nothing to do with "how to make a script".
You probably should have posted this question on the "greasyfork feedback" board.
Your question is a very basic question, that let's everyone know that you are not really knowledgeable about computers, but that's okay, this is normal and there's no problem on asking it.

I've read the script codes that you want to install
And I can confirm to you that this script has no virus, a lot of pc and programming knowledge isn't required to know and check that anyways.

And no, you don't need to "copy someones script", or "run the script on some antivirus" or whatever, if you know enough about pcs and programming languages you can just read the code and check for weird things ("virus") yourself, if you don't have that knowledge, you need to ask someone like you did here or ask a friend that is an I.T. guy.

Most scripts doesn't "have a virus", it's kind of "impossible" for scripts here on greasyfork to have a "virus". If they do have something weird ("a virus"), someone will "soon" report that, and the script will be deleted, so you don't have to worry about finding scripts here that have "virus", since most of them are probably deleted pretty fast.

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