Greasy Fork is available in English.

Posted: 26. 04. 2020

Hi guys I would really appreciate it if someone could write a user script for me to get mining speed hacks in the game

Unfortunately as this is a fairly unpopular game, I doubt anyone will do this for me =( If anyone does I will appreciate it greatly, Thanks, TheStallion066

Posted: 09. 10. 2020
i can make you one i do play this game. I know how to get all hats and 9999 for every single material. I will post the script soon.
p.s. it increases dig speed by 25x
Posted: 16. 10. 2020
Posted: 11. 11. 2020
Did Dug spitz ever write that script
Posted: 27. 12. 2020
about to do speed script but might crash game

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