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koc aio script

Posted: 10. 06. 2014
koc aio script

hello on userscript there was an aio script that was pretty good i was wondering if some one could bring this script over from userscript and update it and sort out some of the bugs that is in the script i would update the script myself if i knew what i was doing
if you need a scopy of the current script version i can copy and paste the script for you

thank you
Posted: 11. 06. 2014
You can download the latest version of AIO from the FB group -

It is still being maintained by the script author under a commercial commons non-derivs license. It's up to Mary if she wants to distribute it on Greasyfork or not, for anyone else to do so would be a breach of that license.

Direct link to latest version :
Posted: 04. 07. 2014
With the recent update of the new TR item my AIO doesn't work. Do we have a fix for it or can you tell me what i need to do

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