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Some tips on pushing to #1

I am fairly new to greasyfork, and I have a script I made for a specific category. (hacking a .io game) It's going well, however I have some competition - because of which I am permanently #2. Even though #2 is still great, Google only shows the script in #1 - therefore it is impossible for my script to be seen first. No matter how many daily installs I get - the person in #1 will get 1.2-2x as much. This is an infinite loop - and I am wondering what I can do to excel and take first place. Any tips for me?

@hacker09 hello :)

Posted: 17. 01. 2023
Edited: 17. 01. 2023


Which tips do you want?
How to make your script better or how to increase your installs?

For website fixes I already told you that I'm not the one you should be talking with, also I'm too short of time to review your code and improve it.

To get more installs make tutorial videos and 5 images and don't look desperate to increase your installs.

Also please stop commenting on all related scripts that they should install your script instead, if you spam too much you will get banned...

no no. @hacker09 , I am talking tips to beat your algorithm properly. I was wondering how to increase installs on my script. I read your ideas, thanks for them. I will apply them when I will have time.
I don't spam my script anymore btw - that's scummy behavior, and it is quite malicious.

Posted: 18. 01. 2023


I told you the algorithm is not mine. Maybe even Jason does not know it well, he made most of this website, but not really everything...

ok lol. Thanks!

Posted: 18. 01. 2023

There's not really any "algorithm". The default sort is just based on the number of daily installs. Understood that there's a feedback loop going on - #1 will get more installs and so stay as #1. The way to "beat" this is to get off-site traffic to go to your script. Don't spam it, but if you create a good script then people will share it with others.

No way. The man himself!

Speaking of external traffic, people have made videos on my script.
Unfortunately, they stole a copy without credit - so all of the installs aren't coming to me.
(dw I got them taken down - their video now has a broken link!)

Posted: 23. 02. 2023

randomly found this convo, lucky!

Oh hi!

@hacker09 good news! I have almost beaten them! At the time of writing this, I have 81 daily installs and they have 82! I am tempted to install the script a couple times to beat them, because I have a feeling that right now I'm about to lose this opportunity...

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