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Don't track me Google

Removes the annoying link-conversion at Google Search/maps/... The Referrer is also hidden to improve your privacy. Designed for Firefox and Google Chrome.

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I'm using this 'clickhappier-archive' account to post archival copies of old MTurk-related userscripts from (which is itself an archive of the defunct site and forum posts, which their authors or others haven't re-posted on Greasyfork yet. Some of these may no longer be all that interesting as more recent scripts may do what they do better, but some remain very useful.

This script was archived from

Author: Rob W

Script Name: Don't track me Google

Last update Apr 25, 2013 — Installed 39,926 times.

Script Summary: Removes the annoying link-conversion (on click) at Google Search. The Referrer is also hidden to improve your privacy. Designed for Firefox and Google Chrome.
At the Google Search engine, search results are converted to an ugly link upon click. This link enables tracking for Google, and hides the referrer to other sites. ...
The same script is available in the Chrome Web Store [as an extension], see Don't track me Google.
In Chrome, this feature has zero side-effects. For technical reasons, the Firefox-implementation comes with a data-URI redirection. This URI shows up for a split second to hide the referrer. This does not affect the browsing speed, and URI's can still be copied. If you want to, the referrer hiding feature can be disabled by changing one character at the source code: Replace var HIDE_REFFERER_LEVEL = 3; with var HIDE_REFERRER_LEVEL = 0;. ...
I have published the mechanism behind this code on the Stack Exchange websites: Explanation of the rwt rewriting method (Web Applications) and Referrer hiding in JavaScript (Stack Overflow)
Additional information: Content scripts run in an isolated environment. To get access to the global namespace, the script is dynamically injected in the page itself. To detect whether a file is downloadable or not, the script checks whether a file type prefix precedes the search result link.

Version: 3.6

Note from Clickhappier: This is a generally useful script, not just for MTurk workers. There are a bunch of other scripts that have been posted on Greasyfork that claim to do similar stripping of Google search results links, but this is the one I've been happily using for months, and it didn't appear to have been posted here yet.

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