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ChatGPT ChatTree 🌳

ChatGPT ChatTree 🌳, 🚀постоянно и без ограничения управлявайте взаимодействията си с ChatGPT🚀 🔄реално време актуализации и визуализации на дървото на разговори с ChatGPT🔄 💡Съвети за разговори с ChatGPT, персонализирани коментари, отметки💡🔍 Интелигентно търсене в ChatGPT: бързо намиране на конкретни разговори🔍 📋Панел за управление на взаимодействията с ChatGPT, удобен интерфейс, пълни опции за управление на взаимодействията, категории, етикети и други📋

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Please Install ChatGPTChattree with TamperMonkey instead of ViolentMonkey!!

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ChatGPT ChatTree 🌳 - Personalized AI Conversation Exploration 🤖

ChatTree understands that each interaction with ChatGPT represents a unique journey. This tool is crafted to offer you greater freedom in exploring and organizing these conversations, capturing every inspirational moment. 🚀 Join this revolution and delve into an unparalleled experience of AI conversations with ChatTree. 💬🌟

Welcome to ChatGPT ChatTree 🌳! 🎉 This tool is tailored to manage and document long-term conversations with ChatGPT, making every interaction a unique, well-organized, and traceable journey.

Key Features of ChatTree ✨

  1. Real-time Updated Conversation Tree 🔄

    • Effortlessly track the evolution of your current conversation, visually exploring each path of interaction with ChatGPT.
  2. Single-click Navigation to Desired Branches 👆🏻

    • If the conversation seems complex, click on "🚩" to swiftly navigate to the specific branch you're seeking!

Conversation Tree Highlights:

  • Hover Information Tooltips 💡

    • Hover over any node to instantly view detailed information and connections, enhancing navigation within complex conversations.
  • Instant Details Retrieval 🔍

    • Hover over nodes to preview content, including text and images, putting you in control of your interactions with ChatGPT!
  • Smart Search 🔍

    • Use smart search to quickly locate specific conversation content or user comments.
  • Precise Zoom Functionality 🔎

    • Effortlessly navigate conversation complexity, zooming in for details or out for an overview of the entire conversation landscape.
  • Overall Thumbnail View 🖼

    • Toggle for a bird's-eye view, aiding easy navigation and identifying points of interest within the conversation.
  • Deletion 🗑

    • Easily manage your conversation tree (without deleting your web interactions with ChatGPT), removing unnecessary sections.
  • Management Dashboard 📋

    • Provides essential functions like assigning unique categories and labels to each conversation, category-based searches, title filtering, and intuitive title modification.
  • Right-click Bookmarking 🔖

    • Add bookmarks by right-clicking any node, aiding quick reference and efficient management of essential conversation segments.
  • User-selectable Theme Backgrounds and Node Colors 🎨

    • Customize the background color, making the conversation tree your own! Explore conversations in a visually pleasing environment tailored to your aesthetic preferences. A range of color options awaits, adapting to your mood and needs, enhancing functionality and visual appeal.

Upcoming Releases:

  • ❤️‍🔥 Content export functionality

  • 📌 Multiple pre-defined color themes to choose from

ChatTree, an extension for managing and documenting expanded interactions with ChatGPT. With ChatGPT ChatTree 🌳, each interaction becomes part of an organized, traceable conversation journey. We invite you to explore the infinite possibilities within the chat world.

💼 Install the script and embark on your 🌳ChatTree🌳 journey.

Join Our Community 🌐 Engage with other ChatTree users, share experiences, and troubleshoot. We have multiple platforms for you to choose from:

  • WeChat Group: Add the admin WeChat ID (chatgpttree) with the note "ChatTree" for an invitation to join.

  • QQ Group: Search for the group chat ID (673952121) or scan the group QR code to join.👇

  • Telegram Group: Click here to join the group chat directly.

  • Telegram Channel: Click here to subscribe to the channel for the latest updates.

Regardless of the platform you choose, I'm eagerly looking forward to your participation!