Greasy Fork is available in English.


Search for everything in different search engines, conduct searches for selected text/image/link effortlessly, over 300 features available.

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Може да харесате и Picviewer CE+.

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If you require website/game/app outsourcing services, please feel free to send your project requirements to my email.

Powerful assistant for switching search engines, can also search anything (selected text / image / link) on any engine with a simple right click or a variety of menus and shortcuts. (WIP). Search link & image & page & video & audio by LONG PRESS the right mouse button or shortcut key (Ctrl + Right click). Maybe one of the best META Search Engines!

Search engines config for English users on Github click to import. I will be very happy if you can recommend it to your friends. The popularity of a software is crucial to the growth of it (this is also the source of motivation for developers :D, and can bring more participants).

Fully open source without any privacy collection, spam or third-party libraries. Just a personal work.
Won't reply so don't post any feedback here. Go to Github instead.

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Inspiration: Selection Search - search2 - ContextSearch web-ext

SearchJumper levenshtein addon

📓Development diary

Build with React.js

UI: Material-UI

Icons: FontAwesome


  • Alt + ` to call search bar for searching / highlighting ⭐
  • Long press right-mouse or right-click with CTRL on links / images / page / video / audio / selected words to search
  • Drag every thing to search ⭐
  • Right click category to batch open
  • Shift + Left click category to batch open in new window
  • Ctrl + click single category to batch open in background tab.
  • Alt + Left click category to batch open in separate windows
  • Ctrl + Shift + Left click category to batch open in incognito window ⭐
  • Alt + Shift + Left click category to batch open in iframe
  • Shift + click single site to open in new window.
  • Ctrl + click single site to open in background tab.
  • Alt + click single site to open in mini separate window ( just like the sidebar of edge ). ⭐
  • Ctrl + Shift + click single site/press shortcut key to open in incognito window. ⭐
  • Click logo face to open config
  • Drag logo face to change position
  • Right click logo face to hide
  • Share config with <pre> tag for click-to-import on issue page

If you think it works well, I will be happy if you can recommend it to your friends. The popularity of the software is crucial to its growth (which is also a source of motivation for the developers :D and brings in more participants).

If you are glad to help me translate SearchJumper, come here to pull or open issue after modify the defaultLang language. It will help the people who speak the same language just like you. Thank you. Script language & Setting language. You can translate and paste them to feedback or issue page on github.

Find / seek in page (Text / Word Highlighter) ⭐

Can do for you:

  1. Highlight multiple words (whole matching/split by custom delimiter/use regular expression).
  2. Auto highlight on search engine and the site opened from the search engine.
  3. Store the highlight words rules locally.
  4. Ignore words like "in", "on", "the".
  5. Re-do highlighting automatically when page content changed.


More / Discover more functions by yourself







I use the search engine jump function very frequently in my work, but I found that most of them contain trojans after tried many related extensions.

This is just a simple function, so why not write one by myself?

The result is that writing the configuration page takes several times more energy than the script itself... 🤦‍

This searchJumpr supports dragging and dropping with defined location, and also supports in-site search, selected words search, and configuration import & export.

Github feedback - Config page

Share your custom config or seek help for site rule

Search params

  • %s search keyword
  • %e charset
  • %c client pc,mobile
  • %u current website url %U encodeURIComponent it
  • %h current website host
  • %t target src %T encodeURIComponent it
  • %b target src without http %B encodeURIComponent it
  • %n text content of target
  • %i base64 of target image
  • %p{params} post body, like :p{x=1&y=2&q=%s}
  • %P{params} post without navigation
  • #p{params} post on page with css selector, like #p{#input=%s&div.param=2}
  • %input{tips} input something by user
  • ["siteName1","siteName2"] batch open by site name you've created

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  • name site name
  • url site address
  • keywords site keyword extraction
  • match matches the current site
  • icon site icon
  • charset site code