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Selection and Copying Restorer (Universal)

Разкодирайте десен бутон, премахнете ограниченията за копиране, изрязване, избор на текст, контекстно меню, копиране на текст, избор на текст, десен бутон върху изображение и т.н. Подобрени функции: Избор на текст на хипервръзка с бутона Alt.

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Remove web limits; Allow Copy

Please make sure you install the script from, not fake sites.



Minimum Browser Versions:

Recommended Browser Versions:


This is a most powerful script to let you copy and select without affecting the normal features of each site.

Some China sites are deliberately designed to block the copying feature, like Badiu Wenku. This script is not that powerful to deblock such anti-feature. You might consider to try this script to get the site content.

Google Map Photos are using div background image css and canvas painting. Both of them are not supported in this userscript. You can try other userscript to download the images, such as Image Downloader

This is primarily for Texts and Images, not Videos and Audios.

  1. disables the .preventDefault() function for 'copy', 'contextmenu', 'select', 'selectstart', 'dragstart', 'beforecopy' events
  2. disables the return false in HTML attributes 'oncopy', 'oncontextmenu', 'onselect', 'onselectstart', 'ondragstart', 'onbeforecopy'
  3. disables the returnValue in javascript coding for 'copy', 'contextmenu', 'select', 'selectstart', 'dragstart', 'beforecopy' events
  4. re-enable "pointer-events" for images
  5. de-block alert() for mouse right click
  6. css hack to re-enable the selection coloring if transparent coloring is applied
  7. disables the .preventDefault() function and "returnValue=false" for 'Ctrl-C' in 'mousedown' & 'mouseup' events if there is text selection
  8. allowing the clipboard data replacement in 'copy' events
    • if a non-empty string with text/plain is set.
    • original selection text will be shown in console.log(...) if it is also a non-empty string

Extra Feature: (額外功能:)

  1. Enhanced build-in Alt Text Selection [inactive by default, recommended] - You can now copy the link / button text using Alt-click; the cursor will change from "pointer" to "text", and the selection shall be in pink color.
    (增強內置Alt文字選取 - 針對超連結及按鈕文字,按Alt+Click後,鼠標會由"pointer"變成了"text",並且選取區變成粉紅色。)
    • The mousedown event will become unpreventable. (see Sample Link)
  2. Hover on Image [inactive by default] - Image Copying: deblock the hover element above the image element, clickable background image
  3. Repetitive AuxClick Prevention [inactive by default, recommended] - Omit the repeated aux click event
  4. Absolute Mode [inactive by default, switch on when necessary] - Bypass all event handling to contextmenu, copy, cut, paste, mouseup, mousedown, keyup, keydown, drag, dragstart, select, and selectstart (inspired by this script)

Similar features to the following:

Sample URLs for your testing:

Allow Copying:



  • It is the intention that keyup, keydown, and blur events are kept at its own performance and functionality
  • You shall use "Right-Click-Copy" to copy the text for the following situtations:
    1. "return false" is set in onkeydown &/or onkeyup (Ctrl-C)
    2. Copy Text is replaced by the text you don't want when you press Ctrl-C (copy event)
  • You shall use "Alt-Click" to select the text for the following situtations:
    1. mousedown is disabled
    2. mouseup/click is linked with the change of location.href
  • Not working for <input Value="test" onSelect="blur();">