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Magic Userscript+ : Show Site All UserJS

Show current site all UserJS, the easier way to install UserJs for Tampermonkey.

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Публикуван на: 22.10.2022
Редактиран на: 22.10.2022

Unfortunately does not work ..
I go to the site and click on the bookmarklet from here-but alas, the search does not find anything( screen -
But at the same time, such scripts are here -
Tell me - what's wrong with me?

К сожалению не работает..
Захожу на сайт и нажимаю на букмарклетс отсюда, - но увы ничего поиск не находит( скрин -
Но при этом такие скрипты есть тут -
Подскажите - что у меня не так?

Публикуван на: 22.10.2022

For scripts on Greasy Fork and Sleazy Fork this UserJS uses the URL:*.json

For this would be:

However it should be using this URL:

  • I've updated the script to use this feature
  • Update first!!! Then try enabling this option "Filter out other languages"
Публикуван на: 23.10.2022

Alas, I can't do it ..
Firstly, in the settings menu it does not remember the installation "Filter Out Outher Languages"
Secondly, if I open the script settings, then click “Reset” there, then turn on “Filter Out Outer Languages”, and after that I click “Save” - then immediately at the top in the blue circle appears the number 3 - but I can’t open up anyway This tab with the search results!
If I just reboot the page, then it finds 0 scripts again, and then everything described above again ..

In general, thanks for the responsiveness, but I probably better try to install a local script in Tampermonkey)
Thank you!

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