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For YouTube desktop without Polymer. Removes pagination from comment threads (all comments in a thread are automatically loaded when the "View xxx replies" button is clicked) and adds another "Hide replies" button at the bottom of expanded threads (so that you don't need to scroll back all the way up to collapse it).

Maxime Muller
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Just a script I put together because I was fed up with the new pagination system for comment replies/threads.

This script might best be described as an amateurish alpha version.
I've been using it without problem for a few months now (albeit only on desktop YouTube without Polymer, and only in Chrome v70 to 73) but I am NOT a developer, so I am not qualified to give any guarantee that this script is robust, bug-free, or even properly coded. In fact, it's very probably none of those things. So even though I doubt it can do any more damage than just crashing your browser, any unusual scenario may have unforeseen consequences.
If the script has any merit at all, I invite anyone with better JS knowledge than me to correct and improve it.

Feel free to report any bug you may encounter repeatedly, and I'll see what I can do.