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Youtube No Autoplay - Disable "Up Next"

Disable annoying autoplay button

Има други версии на този скрипт, където кодът е обновен. Покажи всички версии.

  • v2.93
  • v2.92 - changed execution order
  • v2.91 - Added back support for people who block cookies, it is recommended though you use them for long term support. Youtube is to blame here, they sometimes hide the button the legacy version tries to click.
  • v2.90 - slimmed the code significantly
  • v2.89 - Added a new method editing youtube cookies which is effective if the Autoplay button is hidden on the new design (f u, youtube)
  • v2.88 - reliability improvements
  • v2.87 - Added event listeners for old and new design to detect when the page loads. Since youtube added weird in page navigation. Fully tested for new material design. Please tell if you use the old deisgn and run into problems!
  • v2.86 - Sorry!! Youtube was messing around again with us, had to update but I was busy a whole week.
  • v2.85 - code clean-up and optimizations for slower machines
  • v2.84
  • v2.83 - after making everything worse, this should be it hopefully
  • v2.82
  • v2.81
  • v2.8
  • v2.7 - code cleanup for more order
  • v2.6 - youtube is really grinding my gears, there are two versions of the button. here is a quick and dirty fix until they stop breaking stuff.
  • v2.4 - Soft change to the name
  • v2.3 - they are playing games again, changing element IDs to break scripts, had to update to keep it working
  • v2.2 - general reliability improved
  • v2.1 - fixed some detection of the autoplay button for compatibility with dark theme scripts
  • v2.0