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Store tags for images and indicate saved state

// ==UserScript==
// @name		Tumblr-image-sorter-post
// @description	Store tags for images and indicate saved state
// @version		1.3.1
// @author		Seedmanc
// @namespace

// @include		http://**
// @include		http://**
// @include		http://**
// @include		http://*
// @include		http://**
// @include		http://**
// @include		http*://*
// @include		http*://*

//you can turn off the script for certain blogs by putting '// @exclude*' at a new line
// @exclude		http*://**

// @grant 		none
// @run-at 		document-start
// @require 
// @require 
// @noframes
// ==/UserScript==

// ==Settings=====================================================

	var highlightColor=		'black';												//Because chrome sucks it does not support outline-color invert which ensured visibility
																					// you'll have to specify a color to mark saved images and hope it won't blend with bg

	var fixMiddleClick=		true;													//Because chrome sucks, it launches left onClick events for middle click as well,
																					// images open in the photoset viewer instead of a new tab as required for the script
																					// this option will 'fix' this by removing the view in photoset feature altogether
																					// alternatively you'll have to right-click open in a new tab instead
	var enableOnDashboard=	true;													//Will try to collect post info from dashboard posts too
																					// might be slow and/or glitchy so made optional

	var linkify= 			true;													//Make every image (even inline images in non-photo posts) to be processed
																					// and linked to either itself, it's larger version or its reverse image search
																					// might break themes like PixelUnion Fluid
	var debug=				false;													//Initial debug value, gets changed to settings value after DB creation
	var storeUrl=			'//';
																					//Flash databases are bound to the URL, must be same as in the other script
// ==/Settings====================================================

var J=T=false;
var isImage=(document.location.href.indexOf('/image/')!=-1); 
var isPost=(document.location.href.indexOf('/post/')!=-1);
var isDash=(blogName.indexOf('www.')==0); 
var asked=false;
var posts=jQuery([]); 
var progress=[];

window.onerror = function(msg, url, line, col, error) {								//General error handler
 	var extra = !col ? '' : '\ncolumn: ' + col;
 	extra += !error ? '' : '\nerror: ' + error;										//Shows '✗' for errors in title and also alerts a message if debug is on
 	if ('Script error')!=-1)
 		return true;																// except for irrelevant errors
	if (debug)
		alert("Error: " + msg + "\nurl: " + url + "\nline: " + line + extra)
		throw error;
 	var suppressErrorAlert = true;
 	return suppressErrorAlert;
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', onDOMContentLoaded, false);

function getFname(fullName){														//Extract filename from image URL and format it
	fullName=fullName.replace(/(\?).*$/gim,'');										//First remove url parameters 
	if (fullName.indexOf('tumblr_')!=-1) 
		fullName=fullName.replace(/(tumblr_)|(_\d{2}\d{0,2})(?=\.)/gim,'')			//Prefix and postfix of tumblr image names can be omitted without info loss
	else if (fullName.indexOf('xuite')!=-1) {										//this hosting names their images as "(digit).jpg" causing filename collisions
		fullName=fullName.substr(0,i)+'-'+fullName.substr(i+1);						//add parent catalog name to the filename to ensure uniqueness
	return fullName.split('/').pop(); 					

function getID(lnk){																//Extract numerical post ID from self-link
	if ([^0-9]/g)==-1)
		return lnk;																	//Sometimes the argument is the ID itself that needs checking
	Result=lnk.substring(lnk.indexOf('/post/')+7+lnk.indexOf('image/'));			//one of those will be -1, another the actual offset	
	Result=Result.replace(/(#).*$/gim,'');											//remove url postfix 
	if (i!=-1)
	if ((Result=='')||([^0-9]/g)!=-1)) 
		throw new Error('IDentification error: '+Result)
		return Result;

function identifyPost(i){															//Find the ID of post in question and request info via API for it
	var post=posts.eq(i);
	if (isDash) {
		blogName=slflnk.hostname;													//On dashboard every post might have a different author
	} else if (isPost)
		id=getID(document.location.href)											//Even simpler on the post page
	else {																			// but it gets tricky in the wild
		h=post.find("a[href*='"+blogName+"/post/']");								//Several attempts to find selflink
		h=(h.length)?"a[href*='"+blogName+"/post/']");			//workaround for Optica and seigaku themes that don't have selflinks within post elements
		h=(h.length)?h:post.find("a[href*='"+blogName+"/image/']");					//IDs can be found both in links to post and to image page
		if (h.length) 
		if (id == '') {																//If no link was found, try to find ID in attributes of nodes
			phtst=post.find("div[id^='photoset']");									// photosets have IDs inside, well, id attributes starting with photoset_
			pht=post.attr('id');													// single photos might have ID inside same attribute
			if (phtst.length) 
			else if (pht)
			else {				
				throw new Error('IDs not found');
	jQuery.ajax({																	//get info about current post via tumblr API based on the ID
		url: "//"+blogName+"/posts/photo",
		data: {
			api_key : "fuiKNFp9vQFvjLNvx4sUwti4Yb5yGutBN4Xh10LXZhhRKjWlV4",
			id: id
	}).done(function(result) {process({r:result, i:i});})							//Have to return two values at once, data and pointer to post on page
	  .fail(function(jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown)  {throw new Error(textStatus+' in post #'+i) ;}) ; 

function loadAndExecute(url, callback){												//Load specified js library and launch a function after that
	var scriptNode = document.createElement ("script");	
	scriptNode.addEventListener("load", callback);
		throw new Error("Can't load "+url);
	scriptNode.src = url;

function main(){																	//Search for post IDs on page and call API to get info about them 
	if (debug) 
	else																			//Bring the flash window in or out of the view depending on the debug mode
		jQuery("div[id^='SwfStore_animage_']").css({'top':'-2000px', 'left':'-2000px', "position":'absolute'});
	if (isDash)
		posts=jQuery('ol.posts').find('').not('.new_post')					//Getting posts on dashboard is straightforward with its constant design,
	else {																			// but outside of it are all kinds of faulty designs, so we have to experiment
		posts=jQuery('article.entry >').not('.n').parent();				//Some really stupid plain theme has to be checked before everything
		posts=(posts.length)?posts:jQuery('.post').not('#description');				//General way to obtain posts that are inside containers with class='post'
		if (isImage) 
			if (tagsDB.get(getFname(jQuery('img#content-image')[0].src)))
				document.location.href=jQuery('img#content-image')[0].src			//Proceed directly to the image if it already has a DB record with tags	
				posts=$('<div><a href="'+document.location.href+'" >a</a></div>');	//Make it work also on image pages, since we can get post id from url
																					//for "Catching elephant" theme
		posts=posts.length?posts:jQuery('[id="post"]');								//for "Cinereoism" that uses IDs instead of Classes /0	
		posts=posts.length?posts:jQuery('[id="designline"]');						//the Minimalist, not tested though and saved indication probably won't work
		posts=posts.length?posts:jQuery("article[class^='photo']");					//alva theme for ge
		posts=posts.length?posts:jQuery('[id="posts"]');							//tincture pls why are you doing this
		posts=posts.length?posts:jQuery("div.posts").not('#allposts');				//some redux theme, beats me
		posts=posts.length?posts:jQuery("article[class^='post-photo']");			//no idea what theme, uccm uses it
		posts=posts.length?posts:jQuery('div[id="entry"]');							//seigaku by sakurane, dem ids again
		if (posts.length==0){
			document.title+=' [No posts found]';									//Give up
	if (!isImage)	{																 
		if (hc.length) {
			hc.css('position','relative');											//Fix 'broken' themes with image links being under a large div		
			posts=hc.parent();														// because sharing is caring


function mkUniq(arr){																//Sorts an array and ensures uniqueness of its elements
	jQuery.each(arr, function(i,v){
	return arr2;

function mutex(){																	//Check readiness of libraries being loaded simultaneously
	if (J&&T){		
		main();																		//when everything is loaded, proceed further
function onDOMContentLoaded(){														//Load plugins 

	if (isDash && !enableOnDashboard)												//don't run on dashboard unless enabled
	if (jQuery.fn.jquery.split('.')[1]<5) {											//@require doesn't load jQuery if it's already present on the site
		loadAndExecute('//', function(){ 
			$.noConflict();															// but existing version might be older than required (1.5)
			mutex();																// force load the newer jQuery if that's the case
		loadTagsDB('animage'); 														//This is some weird shit
	} catch(err) {																	//Apparently launching the script at document-body sometimes can be too early
		delete tagsDB;																//so flashDB fails to attach itself to the page for the lack of body (thanks chrome)
		jQuery("object[id^='SwfStore_animage_']").remove();							//schedule a second attempt to window.load to be sure
		delete window.SwfStore['animage'];											//get rid of failed remains

function loadTagsDB(nmspc){															//Main tag database, holds pairs "filename	{s:is_saved?1:0,t:'tag1,tag2,...,tagN'}"

	tagsDB = new SwfStore({															
		namespace: nmspc,
		swf_url: storeUrl, 
		debug: debug,
		onready: function(){
			debug=(tagsDB.get(':debug:')=='true');									//Update initial debug value with the one saved in DB
		onerror: function() {			
			document.title="✗ tagsDB error";	
			throw new Error('tagsDB failed to load');												

function process(postData) {														//Process information obtained from API by post ID
	post=posts.eq(postData.i);															//pointer to post on page
	res=postData.r;																	//API response
	var link_url='';
	var inlimg=[];
	var photos=0;	
	var img=jQuery([]);
	var bar='';	
	if (res.meta.status!='200') {													//I don't even know if this is reachable
		throw  new Error('API error: '+res.meta.msg);
	var isPhoto=res.response.posts[0].type=='photo';
	if (linkify) {																	//Find inline images
		inlimg=jQuery.grep(inlimg, function(vl,ix) {
			if (\d{2}\d{0,2})(?=\.)/gim)!=-1) {
				href=vl.src.replace(/(_\d{2}\d{0,2})(?=\.)/gim,'_1280');			//If there is an HD version, link it
				if (vl.src.split('.').pop()=='gif')
					href=vl.src;													//except for gifs
			else {
				r=false;															// otherwise link to google reverse image search 
			a='<a href="'+href+'" style=""></a>';
			x=i.parent().is('a')?i:i.parent().parent().is('a')?i.parent():i;		//I dunno either
			if ((x.parent().is('a'))||(i.width()<128)) 								// basically either direct parent or grandparent of the image can be a link already
				return false;														// in which case we need to skip processing to avoid problems
																					// as well as if the image was in fact a button and not a part of the post
			if (typeof pxuDemoURL !== 'undefined' && pxuDemoURL=="")
				i.parent().css('position','relative');								//Fix for PixelUnion Fluid which otherwise gets rekt if you insert a link
			return r;
	if (!isPhoto) {																	//Early termination if there are no images at all
		if ((!linkify)||(inlimg.length==0)) {										// or if processing is disabled
			progressBar(' ',postData.i);
	} else {
		photos=res.response.posts[0].photos.length;									//Find whether this is a single photo post or a photoset
		if (photos>1) {
			if (img.length==0)														//Some photosets are in iframes, some aren't
				img=post.find("div[id^='photoset'] img")
		} else {
			link_url+=res.response.posts[0].link_url;								//For a single photo post, link url might have the highest-quality image version,
			ext=link_url.split('.').pop();											// unaffected by tumblr compression
			r=/(jpe*g|bmp|png|gif)/gi;												// check if this is actually an image link

			img=post.find('img[src*="tumblr_"]').not('img[src*="tumblr_inline_"]');	//Find image in the post to linkify it
			if (img.length && linkify) {
				p=img.parent().wrap('<p/>');										//Parent might be either the link itself or contain it as a child,
				lnk=p.parent().find('a[href*="/image/"]');							// depends on particular theme
				if ((lnk.length) && (lnk[0].href))					
				else if (typeof pxuDemoURL == 'undefined')																	
					img.wrap('<a href="'+res.response.posts[0].photos[0].original_size.url+'"></a>');
				p.unwrap();															//^ this might break themes like Fluid by PU
		bar=String.fromCharCode(10111+photos);										//Piece of progressbar, (№) for amount of photos in a post
																					// empty space for non-photo posts, ✗ for errors
	img=jQuery(img.toArray().concat(inlimg));										//Make sure the resulting list of images is in order
	tags=res.response.posts[0].tags;												//get tags associated with the post
	DBrec={s:0, t:tags.toString().toLowerCase()};									//create an object for database record
	for (j=0; j<photos+inlimg.length; j++) {
		if (j<photos) 																//First come the images in photo posts if exist
		else																		// then the inline ones
		tst=tagsDB.get(getFname(url));												//Check if there's already a record in database for this image	
		if (tags.length)  {
			if (tst) {																// if there is we need to merge existing tags with newfound ones
			} else
			tagsDB.set(getFname(url), JSON.stringify(DBrec));	
			if (tagsDB.get(getFname(url))!=JSON.stringify(DBrec))					//Immediately check whether the write was successful
				if (!debug && !asked)												// if not and no debug mode enabled, prompt to enable it
					if (confirm('Failed writing to DB. Flashcookies size limit might have been hit.\n Would you like to enable debug mode to get a possibility to fix that? (Will reload the page)')) {
						asked=true;													//avoid asking multiple times for every post
					} else
						throw new Error('Failed to write to DB')
				else if (!asked){													// if already in debug, try to bring the flash window into view
					alert('Failed writing to DB. Flashcookies size limit might have been hit. If you see a flash dialog window at the top-left corner, try raising the limit.');
					window.scrollTo(0, 0);
		if ((tst)&&(JSON.parse(tst).s=='1')&&(!isImage)) 							//Otherwise if there is a record and it says the image has been saved 
			img.eq(j).css('outline','3px solid '+highlightColor).css('outline-offset','-3px');	
																					//Add a border of highlight color around the image to indicate that
		if ((photos>1)&&(j<photos)) {
			y=img.eq(j).parent();'a')?y:y.parent().find('a').eq(0);								//Look for a link either directly above the image or around it
			if ('a'))  
				removeEvents(y[0]);													//get rid of that annoying photoview feature
	if (isImage)																	//Redirect to actual image from image page after we got the ID

	progressBar((tags.length)?bar:'-', postData.i);									//dash indicates no found tags for the post

function progressBar(bar, i){														//Outputs a piece of progress bar at a correct place in title
	if (progress.length==posts.length)

function removeEvents(node){	 													//Remove event listeners such as onclick, because in chrome they mess with middlebutton new tab opening
	if (fixMiddleClick) {
		elClone = node.cloneNode(true);											
		node.parentNode.replaceChild(elClone, node);		 

//TODO: add support for custom domains
//TODO: add tags retrieval from reblog source if no tags were found here  
//TODO: output FlashDB messages to flash window instead of console on debug.
//TODO: implement some kind of feedback from flash to script about space request success
//TODO: check if the actual width of an image to be linked is within limits of the _ postfix, because tumblr lies
//TODO: store post ID and blog name for images? Will make it possible to have a backlink from image page
//TODO: only call API if no DB record was found for images in the current post (requires ^)