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KoC Battle Console

Console for controlling battles in Kingdoms of Camelot

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Script Discontinued!
Please use KoC Power Bot Plus instead..

Recommended Versions

Firefox version 29, or Palemoon version 20.3
Greasemonkey version 1.15

Latest News!

Script now performs intelligent line wrapping for when you have unlocked more than 16 presets.

Aderik has done a brilliant tutorial for this script - see it here...


At the moment I've just added support for the new Throne Room Effects for Defensive Towers, and also displaying the wall and tower level in the Fortifications Section of the Dashboard


Kabam appear to have fixed the "broken dove" issue I reported a few months ago, however the warning will remain in the script for the time being..... Just in case! ;)


Please use this option with care - it's a great way to lose all your troops....

On the dashboard - troops section there's now a tickbox labelled Auto-Replenish. If ticked, after each attack, your defenders will be reset to the levels they were before the attack. This is to enable you to (hopefully) successfully defend multiple waves. There may be timing issues with the attack landing, so I cannot guarantee this will work 100% of the time, but it's a feature that's been asked for many times, so why not give it a shot ;)


The throne room effects in the monitor window can now be seen in an alternate order if required - Range, Attack, Defence, Life, Speed, Accuracy and Load. Other effects are shown at the end. Within each category, the order is General Buff, Troop-Specific Buff, General Debuff, Troop-Specific Debuff.


When developing this, it became clear that the outgoing march queue is woefully inadequate. Therefore as part of this development I have attempted to "fix it up". Since this is quite a risky strategy, I have not enabled the outgoing march functionality by default. If you want to enable the outgoing march stuff, then tick the checkbox in the options.

The development comes in two parts - The first an Outgoing Marches window equivalent to the Incoming Marches one, which contains details of all your outgoing marches (excluding raids, they were just too cumbersome!), with options to filter by march type, whether they are marches to yourself, and whether you want to see returning marches.

The second is an outgoing attack section in the dashboard, which ONLY shows your attacks or scouts going out from the selected city, and not returning troops.

On both displays, marches or encampments can be recalled by clicking on the march icon.

When a march is first launched, very little information appears in the march queue. The script then attempts to fetch details of the march back from the server to fill in the missing blanks, so you may notice a delay before things like target name, type, and champion information appears in the march display.


The idea behind this script is to provide easy-access to Kingdoms of Camelot battle functions and information during the heat of battle. Natively in the game you have to click numerous buttons and tabs to get all the information you need... incoming marches, arrival times, enemy throne rooms, sacrifices, reinforcements, defences, etc. This script's aim is to simplify this process enabling quick strategic decisions on how best to attack or defend.

Thanks to Nico De Belder, Mary Matson, Phil Cazz and all the other scripters who have given me advice and support. Also much credit obviously goes to the original developers of Power Bot (Don DaVinci) and Power Tools (George Jetson), whose expertise and ability really started this whole thing off.


BCCity Defence

BCMonitor Log

Monitor History Log

Keep a record of all the unique throne rooms you have ever monitored! (Well, up to a maximum of 50, oldest ones eventually drop off the bottom...)

Label them, post them to chat, view them again, etc.

The "Keep" tickbox stops them from dropping off the bottom.

For a quick-view, mouse over the throne icon on the left...

Sleep Mode

Worried about Battle Console using up memory/CPU when you are afk? Well worry no more - just put it in Sleep Mode and it will do nothing at all until you come back and wake it up :)

Battle Dashboard

Now you can see everything you need to see on a single screen! The Battle Dashboard contains an overview of your city's defensive capabilities and current status.

Main Features:-
  • Toggle City Defence Mode On/Off
  • Quickly select Marshall Champion, Throne Room and Guardian
  • Attack and Defence boosts
  • Change Guardian and Throne Room Preset
  • Sacrifice Troops!
  • View Troops in City - Split by Defenders and Sanctuary, and categorised by troop type (infantry, ranged, horsed and siege)
  • Quickly change defending troops
  • Add extra defenders and defensive presets
  • View Reinforcements - both encamped and incoming
  • View Wall Fortifications
  • View City Outgoing Attacks
  • View City Incoming Attacks

The "Overview" section has options to change Marshall, Guardian, Champion and Throne Room.

The Throne Room selector tells you immediately when the throne room change request has been accepted by the server. This will help you decide how late you can safely leave throne room changes before an attack hits, based on your connectivity and the responsiveness of your session!

Throne Room presets can now be named, and can optionally be selected by name.

Everything else is really just eye-candy, but it's kind of nice eye candy ;)

Monitor Operation

It's pretty self-explanatory. Type in the player's name or UID in the box and click on the appropriate button, or click on one of the handy links either from the TR or the map, and that's it.. It refreshes every few seconds, and pings you if something changes.

Legend for Colours

Blue = Defence

Red = Attack

Green = Range

Cyan = Life

Orange = Accuracy

Black = Combat Speed

Magenta = Other pvp combat effects

Grey = others (non-combat)

Bold = General (affects all troops)

Italics = Debuff

In addition, Throne Room can also be changed from the monitor window for reacting quickly to the other person's changes!

Incoming Marches Display

This shows you everything that is currently coming at you - Attacks, scouts, reinforcements, transports... You can filter it of course!

Outgoing Marches Display

This shows you everything that is currently going away from you - Except Raids!! Attacks, scouts, reinforcements, transports... You can filter it of course! To recall any march, including reinforcements, click on the icon.

Override Attack Notification

Changes the "You are being Attacked!" at the top of the game screen, into a countdown timer for the soonest attack.

Version History

  • Final Version
  • Update for Greek Fire, and minor bug fixes
  • Option to display fixed with TR widgets (8 per row)
  • Allow for more than 16 presets
  • Fix cancelled march return times
  • Fix possible multi browser warnings popups caused by this script
  • Minor display improvements
  • Move update links to SourceForge
  • Fix monitor button in throne room
  • Fix occasional bug reading champion data
  • Support for Defensive Towers
  • Minor display issue with quick sacrifice on dashboard
  • Support for new Spellcaster Throne Effects
  • Monitor player link to Kocmon
  • Auto-replenish defending troop losses option - USE WITH CARE!
  • Champion popup bug fix
  • Support for Spellcasters as new troop type on dashboard
  • Include health boost banners on Dashboard
  • Partial Rollback to fix instability
  • Portal buttons on dashboard
  • Fixed broken upgrade link
  • Performance improvements
  • Option to change monitor refresh rate
  • Choice of update URLs (Usersripts, Googlecode or Greasyfork)
  • Alternate sort order in Monitor (Range,Attack,Defence,Life,Speed,Accuracy,Load)
  • Link to profile from monitor window
  • Initial Greasyfork Version


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.