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This Week's Projected Earnings

Adds a projected earnings for the previous week to dashboard.

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This script is no longer maintained. User mmmturkeybacon has a script located here that's everything mine should have been and more. Note that, for it to work, I needed to run this script once to get the environment set up. People have said you don't have to, but mine wouldn't work without it.

*****END NOTE*****

Tallies pages for the past week (sunday through saturday, not previous 7 days) and shows it to you! Expect a few big updates.

Usage: Click the "U" to update, the "X" to clear, and the "F" to force an update. Click the text "Week's Projected Earnings" for some interesting metrics.

A few notes on usage:

When you first update for the day, make sure you've done at least one hit, then click the "F". After that, you may use "U".

If you are getting weird numbers or you don't think it's correct, stop your PM's because it could be page refresh issues.

If you think it's weird, you can always just use "F" instead of "U" to update.

v0.4: Added a "force update" button. Right now, if your submitted hits for "today" haven't changed since the last time the script was updated, it won't update. You can click the "F" to force it to update. Note that v0.4 does not work nicely with dashboard change notifier. Just refresh until your dashboard is clean before updating or it won't work properly.

v0.5: Added a few new updates, see changelog.

v0.6: It broke again, this version might work now.

v0.7: Fixed it to work properly with the month changeover (I hope), also made the metrics work properly.

v0.8: Fixed month and year changeover, hopefully properly this time.