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مراجعة: Good - script works

Posted: 17-07-2022

good script, please use GM_download (grant it first) to add an option to download the image instead of pasting it in clipboard. for example have a constant at the top of the script that says const downloadImage = false and if the user changes it to true, it will download the image.

Posted: 17-07-2022

this is how i modified the copy function so it would save the image. (Now it only saves, but i'm sure you'll be able to put an if/else for some preference variable to decide between copying and saving)

YouTubeScreenShoter.prototype.onCopyImage = function(blob) {
        // navigator.clipboard.write([new window.ClipboardItem({
        //     "image/png": blob
        // })]);

        //blob to dataURL, 
        function blobToDataURL(blob, callback) {
            var a = new FileReader();
            a.onload = function(e) {callback(;}
        console.log("downloading:", blob)
        // download the datauri
        blobToDataURL(blob, (dataURI) => {
          GM_download({url: dataURI, name: `ytf-${new Date().getTime()}.png`})

Posted: 17-07-2022
Edited: 17-07-2022

Downloading feature is already exist. You can download it if you'll hold ctrl key during the click on the PRTSC button.

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