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Cleanup YouTube Recommendations in Search and Playlist

Deletes "People also watched", "For you", "Previously watched", "From related searches", "Latest from", "Popular videos from today", "New channels for you", "People also search for", "Shorts", "Latest Shorts from", "Recommended playlists" and "Recommended videos" Sections from Search Results, Playlists and Channels on YouTube

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مراجعة: Good - script works

Posted: 24-04-2024

works well, but could you make it customizable? like for instance when i search i still want to see the "already viewed" ones. tyty

Posted: 25-04-2024

The script only blocks the recommendation sections in the search, like

  • People also watched
  • For you
  • Previously watched
  • From related searches
  • Latest from
  • Popular videos from today
  • New channels for you
  • People also search for

and not the normal search result videos you may have already seen. Sections are the one with a title above and a vertical line seperating them from the normal search results. So you still will see normal search result videos that you have seen already. I guess that was what you meant? So sorry for the potential missunderstanding.

This script filters those sections because they are recommendations and not search results, and when I search, I only want search results and not recommendation crap.

If you instead meant, that you want to make the sections customizable, e.g. blocking only the “People also watched” sections but not “For you”, then I'm sorry, that's not possible from a programming perspective because these sections are not different enough to block only some of them. It is only possible to block all or none.

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