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Twitter - Bring the Reply Counter Back (OBSOLETE)

Shows an accurate count of replies, retweets, and likes for the currently selected tweet.

هذه إصدارات لهذا البرنامج النصي حيث تم تحديث الكود. عرض كل الإصدارات.

  • v20.7.32 10-11-2022
  • v20.7.32 31-07-2020 Turns out you can't have 4 numbers in a version. (Wish they'd warn you about this stuff before publishing.)
  • v20.7.31.4 31-07-2020 added homepageURL line so users can get to the install page from within Stylus
  • v20.7.31 31-07-2020 Just changing some dumb things that irked me. Nobody's installed this yet, so whatever.
  • v20.7.22 22-07-2020 Keeping it from displaying on photo pages where it would look bad. Replaced tabs with spaces and vice versa for readability.
  • v20.7.21 21-07-2020
  • v20.7.21 21-07-2020 Made the width adjustable for certain stylesheets. Changed custom color to the default Twitter cyan. Making this Public after 'enough' testing.
  • v20.7.20 20-07-2020 default customColor is yellow to differentiate it
  • v20.7.20 20-07-2020 doesn't seem to be a way to get rid of weird syntax errors. I'm following the guidelines perfectly. Regardless, everything still works fine once installed.
  • v20.7.20 20-07-2020 dealing with syntax errors
  • v20.7.20 20-07-2020
  • v20.07.20 20-07-2020