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Tweak New Twitter

Stay on the Latest Tweets timeline, reduce "engagement" and tone down some of Twitter's UI

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  • v26 - Made the Hide "More Tweets" feature less janky - tweets from external links now immediately switch to the full thread view
  • v25 - New feature: Hide the "More Tweets" section when viewing an individual tweet from an external link; fixed the Verified Accounts feature on profile pages when it's the only timeline feature enabled
  • v24 - New optional feature: hide tweets by or quoting verified accounts, or highlight them if you want to check how much of your timeline content is driven by verified accounts
  • v23 - Fixed conflict with the separate retweets feature and Twitter's new 'Retweets and comments' feature
  • v22 - Added hiding of the account switcher
  • v21 - Added hiding the Messages drawer
  • v20 - Fix the divider above headings not being hidden; Fix retweets being hidden when configured to ignore them
  • v19 - Fixed a case-sensitivity bug checking if the current page title is for a user profile
  • v18 - Added fast blocking; "Who To Follow" etc sections are now also hidden on user profile pages
  • v17 - Fixed staying on the Retweets timeline when the user opens and closes the "Send via Direct Message" and compose Tweet dialogs.
  • v16 - tade hiding of headered sections embedded in the timline a bit more aggressive - this fixes hiding the divider between "Who to follow" sections and subsequent tweets. This also hides "Follow some Topics" sections
  • v15 - Made hiding "Who to follow" in the timeline an option (default: true); fixed hiding the divider element immediately following "Who to follow"
  • v14 - Now stays on the Retweets timeline when notification counts in the title change; added support for clicking the Home nav item to return from Retweets to the main timeline
  • v13 - - Added support for use on - Hide "Who To Follow" section in the main timeline - Fixed staying on the Retweets timeline when viewing a photo or using "Customize your view" - Fixed detection of promoted tweets
  • v12 - Now ignores any leading notification count in the page title - this was breaking current page detection.
  • v11 - Twitter reverted to their old timeline rendering - attempting to support both for now
  • v10
  • v9 - Don't hide the entire sidebar when trying to hide the "Who to follow" section
  • v8 - FIxed a couple of config copy+paste errors
  • v7 - Fix selector for "See latest Tweets instead" menu item
  • v6 - Use requestAnimationFrame instead of setTimeout / Highlight whether Latest Tweets/Home or Retweets are being displayed / Hide promoted tweets
  • v5 - Retweets now appear on their own faux-timeline by default
  • v4 - Added "Always use Latest Tweets timeline"
  • v3
  • v2
  • v1