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Instagram Followers Liker

Script will like foolowers recursively

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First, select the user you want to start with. You can start with yourself or another famous character.
Settings will opened on main page

You can customize:
* Daily limit. Restriction is necessary that instagram is not banned for high activity.
* Skip if likes more the specified number of. Your like won't get lost among the thousands.
* Skip if there are many hashtags. Customize as you like.
* Each user's script scans a certain number of photos before moving on to the next one.
* The script will put the right number of likes and move on to the next.
* Each user's script will look and remember followers or following to add them to the queue.
* You can make your own list of bad hashtags. If the hashtag from the list is found, the like will not be put.
* The queue is filled in very quickly. At any time, you can clean it up and start with a new user.

All users to which the script came is stored in local storage. Re-script to them does not come.