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BDSMLR - clickable links to original high-res images

Modifies images to link to their original ("-og") version. Works for (a) the dashboard, (b) blogs displayed on right sidebar in the dashboard, (c) blog streams ( and (d) individual posts ( It does NOT work for the archive view.

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This script is potentially UNSTABLE - is still changing frequently and rapidly.
Therefore, the script might stop working at any time whenever BDSMLR makes a change that breaks the logic of this script.
I'll try to adapt and update whenever I detect such changes.

This script modifies image posts to link to their high-res "-og" version (easily accessible by opening in a new tab via "middle-mouse" click).
On 2019-02-15, bdsmlr added support for accessing the -og original image version themselves - but only for newer posts. As of version 1.10 of this script, any such newer -og links (-og images on cdn04 server) are kept as is while the script logic is still applied to non-og links (e.g. older posts or posts for which the new support isn't working properly).

This currently works for:
- bdsmlr dashboard
- blogs displayed as overlay on the right side of the dashboard
- blog streams (
- individual posts (
It does NOT work for the archive view of a blog (

Also, please note that there is NOT always an original high-res ("-og") version available for each and every posted image. In such cases, the script will fallback to the "non-og" version of the image.

Feedback as well as technical advice for further script improvement is very welcome.

The script is presented AS-IS with no guarantees.