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Make comic book pages fit on screen, because you're worth it.

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- remove the zoom drawer buttons, and apply a "good by default" zoom instead. Use your browser zoom options if you still need to zoom.

- tries to respect the original book layout: cover page by itself, 2 pages afterward. this is not always correct, particularly when scanners add an extra page at the beginning.

- use arrow keys (or PageUp/PageDown) to moves between pages without awkward misaligned vertical white space. Also, arrow keys can be used to continue to next comic in a series.

- remove the "read more free comic on " message hardcoded at the bottom of some pages, since it feels very redundant.

- You have the right to an ad blocker on the ad hellhole that is If you elect to not use an ad blocker, one will be provided for you at no cost to you. Nod if you understand.