Greasy Fork is available in English. Tools - Fast Eject, Auto Re-spawn, Re-spawn on R, Quick buy

Fast eject, Auto Re-spawn, Re-spawn on R, Quick buy, Freeze on F, and more

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Fast eject

Hold down W to quickly and continuously eject mass.

Instant replay [temporarily not working]

Automatically re-spawns after death.

Re-spawn on R

Press R to re-spawn midgame.

Freeze on F

Press F to freeze cell. Press again to unfreeze.

Skin on I

Press I to switch to random custom skin. Must be logged in. If you use adblocker, add the following rule: @@||* (it's just agma's adblocker detection mechanism, doesn't actually load ads).

Lock direction on X

Press X to lock your cell in its current direction. Your cell will continue travelling in the same direction until you press X again.

Quick buy powerups

Quickly buys and auto-confirms purchases from the shop.

  • Keypad 1 - Buys Instant Recombine powerup
  • Keypad 2 - Buys Speed powerup
  • Keypad 3 - Buys Mass Double powerup
  • Keypad 4 - Buys Repel Enemies powerup

Feel free to make feature suggestions in the Feedback tab or at datb0iye @