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Scam Site Blocker

Block potential windows and mac scam site popups and redirects

Kai Krause
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Ever clicked on a website, and suddenly a message appears, claiming that your PC is infected and to "call tech support"? These are scams, whereby scammers will attempt to extort payment in order to close the fake message. These messages exploit website browsers, making them difficult to close, and may even cause your PC to freeze by utilizing all its memory.

Block these websites with this script. This script detects common terminology, phrasing, and javascript obfuscation techniques used by scammers. Effective against new zero-day domain attacks, rather than relying on a domain blacklist or whitelist, which browsers automatically use.

Also check out Suspicious Website TLD Blocker, to block the hundreds of uncommon or non-standard website extensions that are often used by malicious websites (e.g. .online, .baby, .casino, .web, .industry, .xyz).
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