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VRV watchlist and other tweaks

UI tweaks for VRV. put new episodes at the top of the watchlist and series pages.

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NOTE: VRV just updated their watchlist significantly. This script won't touch the updated watchlist until I get around to updating it. On the plus side, their update addresses some of the problems this script was helping with.

VRV's watchlist feature doesn't tell you which shows have new episodes. That's sad.

This script helps with that. And a few other things. Let's make a list:

  1. the watchlist is sorted with unwatched episodes on top, and next episode titles shown.
  2. watched series are greyed out. series that are likely to have more episodes soon are displayed higher with their original air date/time shown.
  3. the series page shows the next episode that will play prominently, rather than the first episode of the current season.
  4. series that have been deleted (Funimation in particular) show a button to allow removing them from the watchlist, after 5 seconds.
  5. a "More Like This" button is added on series pages to easily find similar shows to watch.