Greasy Fork is available in English. hack --working-- hack - drawing, texting, player ids, & more

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وصف المؤلف hack =working=

How to run
Install this script using greasemonkey or tampermonkey;
or run in browser console (ctrl+shift+j or ctrl+shift+k or F12 to open console).

If you are having problems running the script (functions or hotkeys don't work) try blocking client_out.js script and only run this script.
In adblock custom filters add a line "" without the quotation marks

1. Typing: type a message and hit enter (shift+enter for new row)
-all ascii characters are available.
2. To move only when clicking: press numpad . OR delete
-Pathfinder will be active in this mode. CTRL+click to ignore pathfinder
-try not to use a too low value of the delay, or you may get disconnected on some levels
--make sure 'no cursor lock' is marked so pathfinder works correctly
3. To start/stop drawing a circle: press numpad 0 OR insert
4. To draw arrows, use the arrow keys
5. To draw different images press numpad 1 - numpad 9 keys
6. To make drawings bigger/smaller use numpad + and -
7. Reset drawing size with numpad *
8. To show/hide cursors ids: press F8
9. Change ids position with: F9
10. To show this help: press F1

If you just want the ids, try my other script at