Greasy Fork is available in English.

VERTIX.IO insane mod!

Want to win every single match and absolutely destroy every pro you come across? Well now you can with this awesome mod!

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Wouldn't you like to:

  • Never miss a shot again by using the aimbot?
  • Hunt people down or catch people sneaking up on you by using the enemy minimap?
  • Rack up insane off screen kills by zooming out?
  • Move so fast people can't get a hit on you by using the autojump?

Install now for all of this and more!

Full feature list

  • Aimbot toggle or hold
  • Shows enemies on mini-map
  • Increases size and view of mini-map
  • Easy secondary
  • OP Fire all bullets at once
  • Autojump toggle
  • Change class in-game
  • Shows weapon camos tooltip
  • Accurate aim cursor
  • Zoom map out or in
  • Max out the name field

(Oh, and don't forget to come say hi on IOHackers and Pro Hack Net)

How to use

Press F1 or Ctrl+? with the script loaded for the list of shortcuts.


Check out this Trello board for all the stuff I'm gonna do. Don't forget to vote for the features you want most!


I'm lightningking#6751 in Discord, drop me a message if you have any bugs or suggestions, or use the feedback tab in Greasyfork.

If the left hand side mod details panel doesn't show, try disabling your adblocker.

Based off these nice scripts and then heavily modified: