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Rock Paper Shotgun - Links To Steam & Youtube Trailer & Youtube Gameplay Video

This script adds links on a RPS article to a the game on steam and a link to search youtube trailer for the game's trailer and link to search youtube for gameplay videos of the game.

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Rock Paper Shotgun is an awesome site, but for some reason they refuse to put in links in their articles to a game's page on Steam. Or if the article is not the original article about the game, they refuse to tell you much of anything about what the game is about, instead they post site tag links which means you have to spend 10 minutes looking through all the old articles trying to find the one where they tell you what the game is about.

This script intends to alleviate that issue by adding helpful links to every article to help find the game on steam and/or view the trailer on YouTube and/or view gameplay videos on YouTube.

The links show up just underneath the article title to the right of the article metadate (date, author etc.)