Greasy Fork is available in English.

MOOMOO.IO Insane Mod! *BETA* {Very fast} (For Autoheal Speed in the bottom of Description)

Better Minimap, Hat & Accessory Toolbar, Auto Heal, Double Hit, Easy Bow, Rainbow Hat, Hotkeys, | {Almost at 10,000 total installs!}

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Make sure you check out Pro Hack Network! (Made by EuphoricPenguin)
Check out IOHackers! A Hacking Community (Lightning King & Me)
Nebula A old Hacking Community (Made by Lucario ? ∝ x²#9956 {Pro Mod Developer})

How to use Mod

For WASD Users

T = Windmill

G = Spikes

F = Pittrap/Booster Pad

Z = Turret

For Arrow Key Users

] = Windmill

; = Spikes

' = Pittraps/Booster Pad

0 = Turret

/ = Main Weapon

. = Second Weapon

For All Users

Home = Rainbow Hat

Right Click = Easy Bow
(Any Weapon + Bow/Crossbow)

Right Click = Double Hit
(Any Weapon + Hammer)

P = Toggle Hat & Accessory Toolbar Off/On

L = Toggle Upgrade Tree Off/On

Click Auto Heal Checkbox = Toggle Autoheal Off/On

Don't want to lag? Try installing this mod!

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Auto heal
Rainbow Hat The mod may be deleted so don't be surprised if the link doesn't work

This mod heals once per 0ms if it is too fast check out my other INSANE Mods! (Same thing as this but different autoheal speeds). Very Fast (Original) [0ms] Fast [50ms] Quite Fast [100ms] Quite Slow [150ms] Slow [200ms] Very Slow [250ms]