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Amazon Video - subtitle downloader

Allows you to download subtitles from Amazon Video

هذه إصدارات لهذا البرنامج النصي حيث تم تحديث الكود. عرض كل الإصدارات.

  • v1.8.1 - [amazon subs] remove old movie ID detection code
  • v1.8.0 - [amazon subs] download forced subs
  • v1.7.6 - [amazon subs] trim mutliline subs; download subs even if error occured
  • v1.7.5 - [amazon subs] fix download for series
  • v1.7.4 - [amazon subs] fix movie ID detection
  • v1.7.3 - [amazon subs] bump the version
  • v1.7.2 - Adding support for Amazon Smile URLs.
  • v1.7.2 - [amazon subs] switch to GM.xmlHttpRequest
  • v1.7.1 - [amazon subs] fix Arabic subs
  • v1.7.0 - [amazon subs] add progress bar
  • v1.6.3 - [amazon subs] fix for interface change
  • v1.6.2 - [amazon subs] fix series with only some of the subs available
  • v1.6.1 - [amazon subs] another fix for new interface
  • v1.6.0 - [amazon subs] fix downloading series closes #8
  • v1.5.1 - [amazon subs] fix downloading subs for movies closes #5
  • v1.5.0 - [amazon subs] fix downloading series; add fix button placement fix downloading subs for episodes with multiple IDs add support
  • v1.4.5 - [amazon subs] switch from rawgit to jsdelivr
  • v1.4.4 - [amazon subs] add missing parameters
  • v1.4.3 - [amazon subs] adjust xhrHijacker URL matching
  • v1.4.2 - [amazon subs] switch to regex for matching urls
  • v1.4.1 - [amazon subs] add credentials to info downloading
  • v1.4 - [amazon subs] fix downloading from primevideo
  • v1.3 - [amazon subs] add support for more amazon urls
  • v1.2 - [amazon subs] add support for Prime Video
  • v1.1 - [amazon video] skip empty lines, add support for .de and
  • v1.0.1 - Imported from URL
  • v1.0 - Imported from URL