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Amazon Video - subtitle downloader

Allows you to download subtitles from Amazon Video

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Posted: 10-12-2020

When attempting to download the subtitles for 1988's The Sisterhood on Amazon Prime I don't see the button for downloading the subs and in the console I see this error, hope this is helpful:…e=CacheResources&titleDecorationScheme=primary-content&asin= Amazon Video - subtitle downloader:282:11

Source map error: Error: URL constructor: is not a valid URL.
Resource URL:
Source Map URL:

Posted: 10-12-2020

I should add that I'm running linux but I don't imagine that matters in this situation.

Posted: 10-12-2020

Not an error. If you see the first one that means the script found the most important thing and should work fine. If you don't see the download button then it could be some new site design.

The second one is a warning that can be ignored.

Are there any other entries from "Amazon Video - subtitle downloader"?

Also send a screenshot of the page after you see that first link in the console.

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