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Amazon Video - subtitle downloader

Allows you to download subtitles from Amazon Video

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مراجعة: Good - script works

Posted: 21-08-2020
Edited: 21-08-2020

Worked great however there seems some issue on TV Series
like Hanna S02
strangely it worked fine on Hanna s01

the error dialog said "TypeError: info.catalogMetadata is undefined"

also it would be great if the subs can be saved automatically as Movie or Series Title instead of default

Using Firefox 80 64 bit along with Greasemonkey

Posted: 21-08-2020

You get that error because of one of the trailers. 1.7.6 should fix that - you will still get that error but the subs will download. Since the website design changes there's no good way of determining if that error came from something important or not. No plans to change the name of the archive, that's another thing that can break easily because of website design changes.

Posted: 25-08-2020

the new version does what you said thank you :)

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